Monday, 17 May 2010


Me and bjj seem to have fallen out at the moment for a combination of reasons 1) I was sick with tonsillitis 2) my coach went back to Brazil 3) I'm pretty broke and jiujitsu is expensive. Its annoying everyday I don't go i get more angry at my self for not going but i cant seem to man up and just get back to training.

For the past two weeks I've binged on everything in sight so I decided enough was enough and started eating healthy again. Cooked a yummy chicken and roast pepper stew with wild rice. Other than that just steering clear of sugar its my biggest foe at the minute.

Decided that until I get back to jiujitsu I would start working out again

10,9,8s of bench press, floor wipers, dead lift, squats, bent over row over head press push ups and kb 1 hand swings with 30 seconds skipping at the end it takes roughly half an hour to complete but it kicks my ass think i could go slightly heavier on the weight next time though

today I just did a full body work out with light weights on the Swiss ball, 10-20 reps 3 sets I don't know if it was hard because I was a bit stiff from yesterday or if I just have become a useless fatty but this also kicked my ass and took about an hour including the warm up.

In other news an old student of Reza's has opened up a new school. I don't really know what to make of this, the thing with Bahrain is its so small that theres only really room for one of most things. For ages we only had one phone network and now a few competitors have sprung up and the amount of hullabaloo it has caused is actually pretty amusing. So whether the other school will be successful or not only time will tell.

I think i just see how well everyone else is doing with their training and I get jealous that I'm here in Bahrain and cant get to any of the competitions. Thinking allot about moving back to the UK or just anywhere else but need to get some savings together first.

Well to motivate my lazy ass here is the video of the woman's under 63kg final in AD which I was lucky enough to see in person. It was really kul to see female fighters at such a high level.

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