Saturday, 11 April 2009

Training in eastbourne - Circuit training

With summer being over, I returned back to the UK for my last year of uni!!! After a month of training BJJ at Reza's in bahrain we returned to our club in eastbourne hoping that they had found a good coach, and amazingly they had. Tolly is a purple belt under Ze Marcello (BTT) I remember our first class getting someone with my favourite move of the time a collar choke from gaurd and him laughing in surprise to see that I wasnt a compleate begginner. Its been a good 7 months since that first class and I'm glad with how far I've come. I train bjj on mondays, and wednesdays for about an hour and a half then on saturdays from 12.30 till 2 at canton then 2.30 till about 4 at sparta. On tuesdays and thursday we train no gi stuff, although at the minute I have been running circuit training to help out tolly as he has an mma fight comming up. When i get back to eastbourne I'll add some video's showing the kind of things we've been doing but this is pretty much a breakdown of how I organise the session.

5 minutes dynamic warm up chest stretches, shoulder stretches while running laps of the dojo, high knees butt kickers side steps ect ( As most people are white belts i keep running to a minimum as people get bored and gassed pretty quickly)

15 minutes of agility/plyometric style drills: This envolves a number of different things usually start by weaving through the heavy bags bear crawl back down the dojo crab walk back up and then sprint back down x 2 then i swap in different exercises till they have compleated this up to 8 times. I like to follow this by doing frog jumps, prayer jumps, seated jumps and tunnels (video coming soon for those of you that are not familiar with these) I tend to do about 2 minutes on each drill or untill 15 minutes are up.
Alternativly I like to get everyone in a line one person sprits the length of the dojo and then bear crawls round the rest of the dojo to the back of the line, I select about 8 other drills so they end up doing 8 sprints, they get 2 minutes break and then repeat the process again, I think this is a good drill as it only lasts around 5 minutes but is a good mix between anaerobic and aerobic work out, I'm hoping to start using some heart rate moniters to give a better indication of training intensity although atm as fitness levels are still low in some of the guys I can get a good indication that they are working at a high intensity just from how out of breath they are)

I found this video on youtube (see link) which shows the animal drills I like to use! explaining them to everyone caused alot of laughing at first followed by a lots of grunts and huffing and puffing when coupled with the sprints

I like to do a good static stretching routine to minimise injury depending on the tempo i want to keep things at or how many people i have stretching gets fitted in at different times but i ideally like to do it now so everyone is rested enough to put max effort into the circuit routine.

I usualy select 2 different types of circuits of drills depending on how many people i have

sprawl drill: In partners shadow boxing or clinching one person is in comand and tells the other when to sprawl they have to compleate 3 sets of 20 sprawls each. Alternativly i mix in different exercises like burpies or extra high star jumps or tuck jumps just to change things up. Once people become familiar with the exercises I tend to use I would liek to do the same kind of thing whereby people are in partners shadow boxing but the person in comand selects their own exercise and the person has to do 10 reps of this exercise, with 5 exercises and then they swap, but i'll let you know how succesful this is when i gaive it a try.

10, 9, 8 circuit: This envolves selecting 4 exercises (choose more to make the circuit harder but for the level of fitness of people I am working with this works well) one person counts out 10 reps of each four exercise and everyone does 10 then 9 then 8 all the way down to one. which equals 220 reps all together. i try to choose 3 exercises that work lower body then one that works upper as the last exercise.

There are sooo many more but I think you will see better from videos than me explaining, at the minute most of the exercises are body weight ones, I'm hoping to get some medicene balls and a whole load of strenght and conditioning stuff to make sessions more interesting but I think that body weight exercisies are a great way of building up fitness and everyone seems to be enjoying them atm. Over summer I would like to look more into getting my S&C coaching qualifications as on my cource we only had one module in second year, but i think I have a pretty good understanding and getting the qualification would be useful. Still deciding wheather to do a masters in nutrition or not,,, studying is just sooo expensive but I think it would be worth it.

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