Friday, 4 September 2009

Catfight Gi review

I ordered a catfigh gi a while back, but unfortunately the A2 size they sent me ended up being way too big despite my attempts to shrink it. Luckily when I contacted them they were very helpful and sent me a new one in the right size which I'm very happy with. I got the raspberry colour similar to the atama kyra gracie one. If you are in the UK and thinking of getting one make sure you ask them about sizing because I think they have updated it to a smaller fit. Parcel force will charge around 20 quid surplus for tax too so bare that in mind.

The green gi is the catskull style and includes a small skull logo on the front of the gi and the catfight logo plus the cat skull logo above

The pink gi is the original style and includes a patch on the front lapel and the catskull logo at the bottom of the gi

The main difference between the 2 different styles, apart from size of course, is the different patches and the drawstring style on the pink gi compared to the usual style on the green pants. All in all I really like this gi, there was a few shrieks and hulk remarks when I bounced into training with the green one on so I'll see what peoples responses to the pink one are tomorrow! I've not really commented on sizes becasue I think they have changed thier sizing charts but A1 seems to be a good fit for me and I'm 5"4 and about 60kg.

I'll be reviewing the tatami gi soon, I stupidly sent it to my billing address in London but luckily my auntie is bringing it down with her when she comes for a visit.


  1. haha thanks I finally gave in to my girly side and got a pink one, the badass side was kept happy with a black tatami one though!!!

  2. Hi, I am trying to make up my mind about which new gi to buy. I was thinking the Pink Atama (Kyra), but it is horribly expensive and I am not sure about the fit (I am 5'6" - 130 lbs.). I then found out about Cat Fight, did you find it good? Did you notice any difference in your training? Was it comfy? What was the reaction of your mates?
    I think I may get either the magenta or the white one with the pink logo.

    Any recommendations? Thanks a WHOLE LOT!! Because here in Argentina you only have ONE BRAND and I have to order it from the USA, so whichever option I choose, I want to be sure.


  3. sorry i just noticed this post now, yes i love the pink a1 size (I'm 164cm about 5'5 i think? and 135lb) and the drawstrings mean the pants actually stay up unlike all my others which im continuously having to stop and fix. I would definatley recomend getting one. My friend has the pink atama one and they look/fit very similar.

  4. Just added you to our reviewers database. Thanks for the work!