Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer blues

Another gap without posting for ages I have reasons but they mostly suck so I wont get into them. All I know is that yesterdays training put the fear into me to never stop bjj for such a long time again. I felt physically exhausted and actually unfit for the first time in ages and I hated it.

Just a few quick memo's to anyone who's stopped training for over a month
1) tape your fingers!!! (my skin had gotten soft ripped off on peoples gi's for anyone that hasn't experienced this it hurts like hell!)
2) Buy some gatorade and eat properly before (I felt literally every muscle in my body screaming out for fuel not a good feeling)
3) Keep a Strong mind even if your body is weak (its hard not being able to do what you used to find really easy but you got there before and with hard work you will again)

Last night was circuits where 3 people are in the middle and you drill certain positions today was guard and I got gassed so quickly and it was a rude awakening on how hard jujitsu is when your not above normal levels of fitness. It was a bit of an emotional session but i'm glad I pushed and got through it after weeks of making excuses and generally being a "big girls blouse" as my dad would say.

A bunch of the guys from the gym went to Brazil last night to train at Alliance in Sao Paulo, they are staying there 1 week and then going to Rio to compete. Having experienced Fabio and some of the other alliance guys teaching I am pretty jealous but it will mean they will bring back some new skills to share with all of us so I'm looking forward to that.

Alliance Exchange from riosportstour on Vimeo.

Planning on coming back to the UK for a couple weeks to see my family and friends. As cool as the middle east is the 50 degree heat is starting to get to me, even the short walks from the car are unbearable and I"m starting to get cabin fever from being cooped up. I really feel like a nice walk along the seaside and up by beachy head or sitting outside at a cafe in London as opposed to running from one air conditioned safe-haven to another. And it will be good to maybe visit a few different bjj schools get some new gi's and generally just enjoy jiujitsu with a variety of different people.

I'm off to have a read of all my other favourite blogs and plan some fun stuff for summer, maybe I'll even manage to convince my aching body that it can handle another session of jits tonight!!!


  1. Hey, welcome back.

    Have you ever tried coconut water? It's not sweet like gaterade, but it's really good for you. Lots of electrolytes.

  2. Pop in to Mill Hill if you are trying out some other London academies. Would be great to see you again and have a friendly roll.

  3. No sounds great though will see if I can get my hands on some :) Yeah mill hill is on my list meerkatsu see ya soon hopfully i'll be fit again by then!