Sunday, 7 March 2010

Aches pains and omoplatas

I recently had to confess to Rodrigo how terrible I am at omoplata after him always pointing it out and me just ignoring him and hoping he didn't notice. I don't know why but its just a move I have never been able to master. Today we spent a while after morning class drilling omoplatas from every imaginable position and now i"m thinking arhhh why did i never put in the time to learn this before! I want to try it out on people now i feel all restless and will probably dream of it tonight as i usually do after staying up too late and watching videos on youtube, bjj can be hella obsessive sometimes.

The way Rodrigo taught omoplata from guard was different than I remember learning it before or the method described in my two go to bjj books "essential guard" and "jiujitsu university".

He starts by gripping the arm on the same side and has a lose cross grip on the collar and brings his knee up with the foot sitting on the hip
He then puts his other foot on the shoulder and pushes it back using it to turn his body and straightening his other leg at the same time securing the arm in the omoplata position.
He straighten both legs keeping a tight grip on the arm and forcefully brings them down together which gives alot of momentum and he is able to sit up quickly and change his leg positioning to secure the position.
He switches grips on the hand so his arm is able to block any attempt to escape by jumping over and then holds the belt and moves his hips out to flatten the opponent He uses pressure with his two forearms to secure the submission.
It took a lot of drilling but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

Demian Maia omoplata

Referring to the aches and pains part of the title I am feeling soo stiff taking tons of vitamins for my joints "joint care" from seven seas 2 a day and 1 evening primrose and fish oil hopefully if i keep taking them religiously the stiffness in my hands will cease. I'm also trying to stretch my hands and try to work on my grip strength more and use a lot of hot water then joint ease cream in the morning haha crazy but I think the joints in your hands need to be taken care of and mine are pretty overworked at the minute! Skipped evening class the last two nights and feel a bit better but still not fresh, maybe I'm over training slightly so will try cut back a bit and so lots of yoga and keep eating more as I find it hard to eat enough at the minute.

Any other painful hand relief methods would be most appreciated I know rest is probably the best but TIJ!


  1. This move is so challenging for me - I always miss it. (Jen)

  2. hehe keep drilling the basic one! i used to hate it when my coach would shout omoplata in sheer urgency and I just couldnt see how to get it. Now its one of my fav moves and a good set up for sweeps :)