Saturday, 26 May 2012


What up internet, so I haven't blogged in a while,, boo me! Its been pretty hectic with training and work.

I have been really lucky and been able to train with 2 of the UK's most talented and well known WMMA fighters Rosi Sexton and Danielle West.
If you're reading this and don't know who these women are then shame on you!
These girls have been on the scene for nearly ten years now and are really are true pioneers of the sport!
Its crazy because I think of WMMA now and how much support we get and even then its still a difficult and challenging sport to be involved in.
Rosi and Danielle both share a true love and passion for MMA that has stood the test of time and is really inspiring to me.
I think because they are both so humble it is easy to forget how much they have both accomplished! If it was me I would be boring you with tales of my epicness left right and center.

Now that I am working full time part of my new training plan is to make the most of my weekends and get good training in on both Saturdays and Sundays.
I had a great day of sparring with Laura, Rosi and Kim at Semtex gym in Kent.
It was great to spar with someone who had come to MMA from a grappling background,as I still had to work just as hard once the fight got to the ground!
On Sunday I headed over to Carlson Gracie to train with Kerrie and Katherine and the grappling theme continued as I got a few good rolls in with some of the guys there and Katherine who is a really amazing judoka.

The following weekend Kerry and Katherine came down to do fighters sparring which is the hardest day of training at first gen and pushes us all right out of our comfort zones. I've always felt this is the most essential part of any fight camp as getting comfortable mentally with being pushed hard and not giving up are both important aspects of training that sometimes get overlooked.

On Sunday I went up to London again and trained at new wave gym. It was a really good session and we drilled escaping back control and head and arm control from standing and the ground. I sparred a couple rounds with Laura and Danielle and felt quite strong with my defence and take downs.

Sorry this blog post isn't too thrilling but training outside of my comfort zone and with different clubs and individuals has given me some good ideas for articles so watch this space. I am off on Holiday to LA on Monday so I will have lots of free time to write which I am really looking forward to!


  1. It was great to do some training with you - love to do it again sometime! Anytime you're up north, just give me a shout :-)

  2. Thanks :) good luck with your fight, gutted I won't be in UK to watch! Will give you a shout when I get back