Monday, 4 May 2009

The week dissertation was finally compleated! Womans only seminar!

Well its finally over! I handed my dissertation in on Friday wooooo 60 pages, 4 months and a lot of lost hours of sleep and mega huge diet red bulls and its done! I feel almost euphoric now that its over, I still have some essays to hand in but that's pretty much me finished university! Which also means I have more time to train (when not job hunting that is) As it was bank holiday weekend and I was out and about till pretty late then up early to help someone with their physio dissertation, I am almost relieved that the dojo is closed today haha don't want to go back to training for the first time in two weeks feeling all tired and decrepit soo i think will do some nice relaxing yoga tonight and catch up with my sleep and go down to zt tomorrow to check out the woman's/beginners class.

I was talking to Reza and he was telling me of the success our Bahrain club had at the world pro jiu-jitsu tournament in Abu dhabi getting 2 bronze medals and one silver! he even met ze there as he was over refing some of the matches.

I'm not too sure when I will next be compeating, was a bit disapointed we were not able to make it to the essex open as it was on a sunday and the trains were skrewed up as usual although I hadnt been able to train much the last month any ways with all my uni work.
I am hoping to make it up to the womans only seminar with There will be a women only BJJ seminar by Brown Belt Carmen Janke

Date: Sunday 10th May from 12-3pm
Location: RGA Mill Hill.
Cost £20

I will post more info on the details of this when I find out more but if anyone reads this and knows any females who are interested let them know please, the more people there the better!!!

For anyone that compeated in the grab and pull09 in brighton theres loads of videos from it at one of mine was up there was good to analyse my game a bit althoguh frustrating in some parts when I could have maybe finished the match a bit sooner, for some reason I am just too calm when i'm fightingm which in some ways is a good thing as I dont rush and make silly mistakes but I still think I need to try and be a bit more aggressive sometimes lol

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