Monday, 27 April 2009

I want a cat fight gear gi!!! I just saw on gringa bjj's blog that a website called make the most amazing custom gi's for girls I want one lol i emailed them to see if they ship to uk so fingers crossed my only dilema now is which one I want they are all so nice! At the min I have a blue coral gi which is ok for competitions its a size A1 and still a bit too big though, I still need to invest in some decent shorts for under my gi, I was practicing passing guard the other day and stood up and my gi pants were half way down luckily everyone was too caught up in rolling to notice but some decent shorts are needed to replace my rubish primarket leggings lol. That is all bak to stats "sigh"


  1. Primark leggings LOL!!!!
    Hey they keep you warm in winter.
    Keep blogging, keep fighting.
    Best wishes - Meerkatsu

  2. lol i have my eye on some of those fancy cycling shorts made of luxurious breathable material yet i just cant seem to part ways with my moneys for something that will forever be hidden under my gi pants so primark legginngs will have to do for now...