Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ze Marcello seminar

Had a fun weekend of training, Ze Marcello came down and taught a seminar, we worked on loads of sweeps from half guard which was good as I tend to just try and get back into guard from there so I'm going to practice lots of sweeps in the next few weeks! After we all went out for some food and then Alex went out with Tolly and co but I was still aching from Thai so I cocooned myself in our massive bean bag and watched Britain's got talent and south park marathons, Cartman never fails to amuse me ha. Haven't wrote in a while because I have been swamped with my dissertation! scientific research is a pain in the butt I'm meant to be doing my results now but statistics make me sooo enraged and I had to miss training tonight to get get all my graphs and tests done grrrr. I always feel bad when I miss training but at least after the first of May I will have a lot more time I think my new training schedule will look something like this

Monday - yoga 10-11 Bjj 8-9.30
Tuesday - circuit training/no gi
wednesday - Bjj 7-8.30
thursday - muay thai
Friday - muay thai
saturday - Bjj 1230-2 at canton then 2.30-4 at sparta
sundays - bjj at btt in slough/ yoga and rest

now its getting sunny I sometimes have the odd run along the seafront this schedule will probably last about a month of summer hols unless i get the job I wanted which was working at a summer camp as a physical activity co-coordinator although I need to get my CV done asap! I think I will head back to Bahrain for a week to hand my CV in to all the clinics there and see what kind of opportunities there are and if I need any further qualifications. I still am unsure about the plans for next year its so confusing!!! Also got more competitions to train for over summer, although weight isn't such an issue for females in BJJ i'm still trying to keep mine at under 64kg as I seem to be doing well in that weight category in the last two competitions. The next comp our club is doing is at ZT fight skool in Brighton, they are trying to find me a competitor but I think its unlikely,,, they have started doing girls classes there which I want to check out on Tuesdays depending on how much work I get done tonight/tomorrow I will go check it out I think.

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