Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The second chapter-Bahrain

Well after learning the basics of no gi in Thailand I was looking forward to heading back to Bahrain. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the place its a small island in the middle east near saudi arabi, my parents moved there when I was 15 and when I'm not studying at university thats where I like to chill. The next step I took to learning bjj involved getting a gi, after spending all my money in thailand I had just about enough left to pay for a month of training at Reza's martial arts center, this resulted in the purchase of the most pathetic excuse for a gi ever! (see pic) Despite it's cheapness it served its purpose and I soon learned of some of the moves that were possible when wearing a gi, my favourite being gi collar chokes from gaurd. Training at Reza's is pretty amazing his classes involved long warm ups, loads of drills, kul techniques and a good half an hour of rolling! I have a distinct memory of nearly throwing up my first class, and don't get me started on the near enough 6k runs before no gi class at the beginning of competition season. Once again a month passed quickly and it was time to make a move back to university to start my final year of study, begin training with a new group of people and hopfully start to develop my understanding of bjj.

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