Tuesday, 5 May 2009

competitions I would go to if I wasnt a broke student and some I will be doing anyways

While I am happy doing all the competitions I can get to in the united kingdom (well the more southern parts of the uk) I keep seeing loads of competitions that I would want to do if i had, say my own privet jet or at least a bank account with more than 100 quid in it.

1) Grapple Girls Women’s Open 2009: they have a tournament on the 22nd of august followed by a grappeling camp fromm the 23-29th august and I really want to gooooo! being that august is quite far away i may potentially have the disapline to save up for plane tickets and could possibly find someone to say with lol watch this space

2)Alliance BJJ Mundial Championships Training Camp May 26 - June 2 in Georgia: Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti is the head coach, this is basically a camp to prepare for the world bjj tournament and involves 2 classes a day for a week allong with conditioning classes, is it lame that this sounds better than a boring beach holiday somewhere to me?!

3) 2009 BJJ World Championships June 4-7 in California: Need I say more,,, I would love to go to this tournament perhaps if I do well in all the Uk tournaments I would have the guts to go lol

Some competitions I will be more likley to make it to!!!

1) may 23rd an 24rth U.M.A. International Open Groundfighting & Grappling Championships not stricktly a bjj comp but i would like to get more experiance in no gi

1) June 21 BJJ British Open Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre
Alcester Rd South
Birmingham, West Midlands, B14 6ER

I also think there will be summer devisions of the Bristol and grab and pull tournaments and,,, if anyone knows of any good comps in the uk or close by feel free to let me know want to compeate as much as possible over this summer while I have the free time :-)

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