Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Green gym in Eastbourne

Finally got my lazy ass back to training! It was really fun tonight we had a little club tournament which involved me refusing to tap to an arm bar by Paul rolling out of it and then Tolly stopping the match, I suppose sensing I was in a particularly stubborn mood.

Its funny I remember Alex telling me about a match with helio gracie where even after he had broken his arm he didn't tap, at the time I remember saying how stupid, and that they should tap if they knew their arm was going to break after all that would mean sitting out of training while waiting to recover blah blah. A few months later after competing in my first competition and alot more training sessions and i completely get it,,, although usually in training I wouldn't be so tenacious, but tonight I really did not want to tap (also i was pretty sure Paul wouldn't break my arm lol)

Also, there was a girl who came to check out the class and is going to come on Monday which means for a small club we will hopefully have 3 girls training bjj, I would like to organise some sort of event maybe a free taster class for girls only, will have to see what Tolly thinks.

watching cage gladiators on TV at the moment and our friend David lee is fighting haha so funny seeing people i know on tv, I wana be on tv!!! watching the girls mma fight and its making me wanna train harder, even when i look in the mirror when we're all lined up at training i look so scrawny, need to get to the gym i think.

There is something to be said though for increasing strength through training bjj since i started I have lost a lot of body fat and gained much more upper body strength, I can do about 25 push ups compared to half of a push when i started 8 months ago.

To my excitement they have a green gym in our park now I was walking to the shops the other day and saw someone on this metal cross trainer haha seeing as I am too broke for the gym at the minute this looked like a fun way to do some extra training now I have more free time.

some pics of alex anmd my mum messing around in the outside gym

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