Friday, 11 September 2009

Tatami Gi Review

The more gi's I acquire the more I realise that it must be so hard for some girls to find one that fits right. Every gi I have ordered has been an A1 and while they all "fit" so to speak I have yet to find one that would take the place of my koral pants/ RGA jacket combo for competitions. I don't know if its just me that favours a particularly snug fit but it would be good if there was gi's suitable to a womanly physique available in the UK.

Anyways rant aside I do really like my tatami gi, I've wanted a black one for ages and at a very reasonable 45 quid i got my wish. Communication was very good, I received notification that my gi had been shipped and it arrived 2 days later. In terms of fit the pants are the perfect length for me and the jacket, despite having a much longer skirt than my other gi's also fits well with perhaps just a bit too much room in the shoulders, but Alex had success shrinking his so will give that a try when the tumble dryer gets fixed! I also got the pink rash guard size medium, its a stretchy breathable material and washes up really well.

I will post some more pictures later but I defiantly recommend this gi, the A1 size would be good for any one between 5'4 to 5'7 from 60-70kg at a rough estimate.

I was talking to my coach Reza in Bahrain and he was saying that there will be bjj 6 times a week with more classes a day, which means there will be lots of training to do when we get back. It will be the last few days of Ramadan and then I'll hopefully manage to find a job quickly and start saving some money!

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