Monday, 14 September 2009

Fond Farewells and BJJ battlefield

Well Saturday was the last training session in eastbourne, which was also the first grading held at canton martial arts. It was a fun and some what emotional last training session as Ze graded me to blue belt, along with Sophie, Alex, Ian, Adam, Ruben and Olly. I'm really happy that I was there for the grading as its been very tempting to go back to Bahrain early. Still trying to get all my stuff packed which is taking for ever it seems every time I think all my clothes are packed up i find another drawer full, that plus the 5 gi's and millions of books I refuse to part ways with has certainly posed a challenge for Alex (I was forbidden from actually participating in the packing process as Alex decided things would go alot smoother if I just brought him everything and stayed out the way)

This post is mainly just a thank you to all the great people I've trained with this year, all the canton guys who were there from the start, the "little guys" as we were so often referred to Joe and Sophie and more recently naz and Emma. Richard for letting me and alex come and do a bit of training every now and then. Tolly for sticking it out despite the first class when none of us knew anything, being such a good coach and bringing so many different people together. All the guys at slough, Ze for taking the time to coach me at competitions and making the trek to eastbourne to do seminars with us. Issac, richy, manj, chin for all the great rolls and constructive criticism lol. All the bad ass bjj girlies I've met at competitions and seminars, I'm sure I'll see you all soon you inspire me to keep training hard I'll miss you lots, come visit me in Bahrain

This is where i'll be training :)

Got back from a final goodbye at training so thought I would post some funny pictures of the mad royal rumble style game Tolly got everyone involved in


  1. Congrats on the promotion to blue!

  2. There I am! I was wondering when I first started reading your blog, so must have been around 2009. :)