Wednesday, 1 July 2009

300 tap class

Ohhh i forgot to mention that tonight we had a special 2 hour long class with about 20 of us where 3 people started off at the middle and had to tap as many people as possible so that we eventually got 300 taps in a class. I was in the light weight group which consisted of me sophie joe and Naz. I am propbably the heaviest and slightly more experianced which lead to me rolling for about 40 minutes before Tolly realised that we hadnt even got 100 taps yet so we switched to 2 minute rolls then evenutally 1 minute rolls. It took about 2 hours to finish and i lost about 1.5kg even after downing about 3 bottles of water! The whole thing was in aid of raising money to that the gym can get a bit of a revamp and maybe a ring for the thai boxing lot so hopfully that will go well. I am now officially cream crackered so i'm off to scoff some tuna and then go to sleep. Boring temp work in the a.m followed by mma later at night. The promised nutrition post will come soon! Untill then i suggest reading some of blogs on my list good posts about British open from black cat and meerkatsu


  1. Wow! 300 taps is a great idea. Bloody mental in this weather though.
    How many submissions did you get during the two hours?

  2. well i lost count after about 15 which was abot an hour in then we started timing matches and the rest is a blur haha really fun class :-) i think i might need to invest in a light weight gi soon its getting way 2 hot!

  3. That sounds like it was an awesome class.